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Gautam Buddha Paintings

Gautam Buddha, the founder of the Buddhism, was born in Kapilvastu in Nepal around 563 BC and is believed to have lived till 483 BC. His family name is Siddhartha. His birthplace in Nepal is called Lumbini in Nepal.His father, Suddodana Tharu was the king of a clan Shakyas that ruled Kapilvastu and his mother was Maya Devi. His father ensured that Gautam lived in luxury and grow up to be a king like him. Gautam was prohibited to go outside the palace and was married to Yashodhara at an early age of 16 and they were blessed with a son, whom they named Rahul. Although Gautama had everything he could want, he still was not happy. He wanted to learn the meaning of his existence.

gautam buddha paintings on canvasGautam at young age was not a very happy man for he wanted to learn more about the meaning of “existence”, from which he was seriously forbidden. He, however, made his way out of the castle against his father’s and saw “Four Passing Sights” – an old crippled man, a sick man, a dead man, and a holy man with no home. From that moment, he realized that nothing can stop people from becoming old, getting sick and finally dying,

Gautam at this stage needed answers to the sufferings and decided to leave home in the middle of a dark and stormy night to seek answers to the problem of birth, old age, sickness, and death.

At that time the holy men hurt their bodies to help their spiritual beings. They worked on to defeat their desires in a belief that this will free their soul from pain and sadness. Gautam practiced this for a while but found no answers. He ate only six grains of rice a day, tried holding his breath and in the process became just skin and bones, and he nearly died. Still, he had no answer.

Gautam went out to search an alternate path that was better and did not require hurting oneself. He then decided to meditate under a fig tree (Bodhi tree) until he found enlightenment. Nearly after 49 days, he felt his mind has become pure and enlightened and he became the Buddha.

Buy gautam buddha paintingOn gaining enlightenment, Buddha understood the causes for “Suffering” and knew how best it could be managed. His answer was Four Noble Truths, which he taught at Sarnath as a part of his larger philosophy to educate the people on the “Path of Righteousness”

His teachings on various aspects of the path to righteousness are called Buddhism. Buddhism is mostly about ending the feeling of pain that all people feel inside. The pain stems from desire and he taught the ways to “manage desire” by doing good things and training one’s mind. Buddha professed non-violence of any type and encouraged people to meditate to think deeply and that too sitting in a lotus position. Some Buddhists chant and meditate while walking to understand and control the working of the heart and mind. This is to gain inner peace.

gautam buddha painting on canvas

The oil painters over the last few centuries have depicted Gautam Buddha in their own ways, imaginatively capturing his key attributes on the canvas. Most of these oil paintings have illustrated a meditating Buddha. The more recent of Gautam Buddha Paintings by the artists have dwelled on his saintliness and spiritualism and shown a halo of peace around his face.


Buddha shunned people to look upto God to achieve “peace”. He said the peace lies within one own self and one must gain enlightenment to achieve that.

Henceforth, we refer to Buddha as “Lord Buddha” or “Buddha the Enlightened”

Chic Wall (www.chicwall.in) has captured the various facets of Lord Buddha through Oil on Canvas. We have included the pictures of some of the Gautam Buddha Paintings made by its artists. These paintings delight the viewers with the “halo of peace” that surrounds his face.

gautam buddha oil paintings        gautam buddha painting

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